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The Surrogacy UK Podcast

The Surrogacy UK podcast series aims to give you an insight into a surrogacy journey from the perspective of both an intended parent and a surrogate as well as helping you understand how surrogacy works in practice and how the current surrogacy laws pose additional challenges for those creating families through surrogacy. You will also learn about Surrogacy UK and their “friendship first” ethos. For more information visit

Jun 7, 2017

Every year Surrogacy UK hold two conferences for Intended Parents and Surrogates to meet and potentially begin their journey's. The events cover a wide range of topics from an A-Z of Surrogacy to understanding the legalities behind the whole process and most importantly give you an introduction to Surrogacy UK's Friendship First ethos. In this episode you will hear a taster of the conference and to find out more about the events throughout the year visit